Breast, Colon, Cervix, Skin … Some cancers can be detected early, which increases their chances of healing.

Cancer screening strategies

Detecting cancer at an early stage greatly increases the patient’s chances of recovery.This detection is based on the screening of cancers for which a test exists, and on the sensitization of patients to certain warning signs justifying a medical consultation.


Some cancers, for which baseline tests have been shown to be effective, are accessible through organized screening programs, which are set up and regularly evaluated by the public authorities.This is currently the case forbreast cancerand thecolorectal cancer.The 2014-2019 Cancer Plan provides that theCervical canceralso be the subject of an organized screening program.

Amongthe men:7 points to watch closely

As the most common cancers in adult men are prostate, lung and colorectal cancer. 50- 75 years old have to worry about them.In addition, screening for colorectal cancer(observing for blood in the stool every 2years) andProstate cancer(digital rectal examination and prostate specific antigen assay after you have received information on the advantages and disadvantages of such screening).